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Top Five Buys To Organise Your Life

Some days you’re unstoppable; everything falls into place, you’re right on schedule and you power through your ‘to do’ list, one bold red tick at a time. And then there are those other days. Days where you lose your keys, miss that important client meeting and accidentally delete your annual report. Sound familiar? Here are five fool-proof buys to whip your organisational skills into shape, no matter what life throws at you.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already know that clean queen Marie Kondo has become the last word in organisation with the publication of her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. The Konmarie method promises to de-clutter, delineate and de-stress the most ardent hoarder’s home and office with a series of tips that are so simple; you’ll wonder why you never thought of them before. With an app soon to be launched, keeping clean and serene on the go has never been easier.


Speaking of which, although smartphones are undeniably useful, if you’re the type of person who can’t remember anything unless it’s written down, good old-fashioned paper won’t run out of battery at a crucial moment leaving you high and dry. Bullet Journal is the next generation of diary management, upping your productivity in a way that’s beautifully simple and entirely customisable to your needs. Employing a reassuringly clean and low-tech system of dots, crosses and arrows, this straightforward method aims to make keeping on top of your life admin an absolute cinch.


Make sure you’re motivated to keep up your journaling with a beautiful new notebook. Made from colourful cross-grain leather embossed with a range of witty slogans (we love “Blah Blah Blah” to raise a wry smile when taking minutes at tedious meetings, or “Novel Ideas” for brainstorming new business concepts), these gilt-edged Smythson notebooks add a touch of class to the most mundane task and will encourage you to keep up to date.


Find yourself cramming an overstuffed wallet into a tiny shoulder bag? Rifling around the bottom of your backpack for your house keys? Drying out your paperwork after yet another water-bottle leak? Your bag should always help, rather than hinder your organisational efforts, which is why Mary and Marie’s handbags, backpacks and totes all feature a nifty range of organisational extras that will keep your day running smoothly.


If you tend to multitask your way through the day, then the There’s Something About Mary convertible bag is for you. This classic leather backpack, with its reassuringly chunky silver hardware, transforms effortlessly to a stylish shoulder bag in just seconds, effectively giving you two bags for the price of one. The large internal transparent plastic pocket is ideal for keeping your laptop, gym kit or even baby changing supplies separate from the rest of your bag, while handy see-through mesh pockets give you rummage-free access to your phone and notebook. Being hands-free on the fly has never looked more stylish.  


The Sting is where functionality meets style to create a beautifully practical bag, crafted from black matte lichee grain leather and super-tactile suede that’s designed to age beautifully while remaining durable for years to come. With the same large plastic compartment and mesh pockets as its cousin Mary, The Sting’s four external pockets offer plenty of space for everything from travel cards to lip balms, while a smart elasticised wallet strap means no more hunting for your cash. A key clip saves hassle when it’s home time, and a handy neoprene bottle holder keeps drinks cool, baby bottles warm, and even doubles as a handy spot for a wet umbrella on a rainy day! Best of all, you can unzip the entire interior to hand wash – no more lipstick smears or leaky pens staining your favourite bag. Switching between bags also becomes an absolute cinch – essential for busy women with no time to waste.




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