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Mary + Marie // Adventures In Paradise

Who doesn't love an Adventure in Paradise!? With our aptly named bag, chic swimwear and important sun care protection, you're totally set for an amazing trip! Ahoy!!  You really can't go wrong with a little bit of nautical. Featuring our signature inside removable organizer section and super soft rope straps, this will be a solid family favorite this summer!

Where would be your ideal Paradise Adventure?

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Chasing Amy Handbag // Mary + Marie

Our most loved shape of bag // FEATURE

Chasing Amy Handbag

Our Chasing Amy Handbag is subtle and sophisticated. Use the short strap to carry it during the week then lengthening it to a cross-body style for the weekend. Our inside organizer section is also completely removable creating a clever peek-a-boo effect with the laser cut nappa leather.

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Much Love

The M+M Chicks

Easter Egg Hunt Tips // Mary + Marie

Don't we all just love a great Easter Egg Hunt! As Kids the M+M Team all have nostalgic memories of the Easter Bunny visiting and strategically placing Easter Eggs all through our homes & backyards! Now as Mums and Aunties, we still get excited!! So in preparation for this Sunday, here are the Top Ten Easter Egg Hunt tips as put together by KidSpot


Easter egg hunt fun idea #1: Use different coloured eggs by age

Easter egg hunt fun idea #2: Add letters to each egg so kids can make words

Easter egg hunt fun idea #3: Keep a record of the eggs

Easter egg hunt fun idea #4: Set hunt boundaries

Easter egg hunt fun idea #5: Draw a map

Easter egg hunt fun idea #6: Add a pinata for Easter fun

Easter egg hunt fun idea #7: Supply non-chocolate prizes as rewards

Easter egg hunt fun idea #8: Leave Clues

Easter egg hunt fun idea #9: Leave tell tale bunny prints

Easter egg hunt fun idea #10: Hide them in the house


For the full article and extra tips for each idea click here.

Happy Hunting & Happy Easter

Much Love

The M+M Chicks.


Mary + Marie

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