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    Christmas with a Conscious

    Christmas with a Conscious

    Make a difference this Christmas and shop with your purse power. 

    There are so many wonderful female-owned companies across Australia, and we're one of them! 

    So let your purchases do the talking this Christmas and support Australian, Female owned companies. Read more here, thanks to Commonwealth Bank and Women in Focus.



    Mary & Marie – handmade leather nappy bag perfection

    Mary & Marie – handmade leather nappy bag perfection

    Mary and Marie nappy bags

    I’m so glad I am part of this generation of mothers who have never even seen a nappy bag adorned with balloons or bunnies, I hear this was the case in the past, I find it hard to comprehend though. Take a look at this beauty.


    Mary & Marie‘s nappy bag collection is so far from what nappy bags used to be they almost need to call them something different. Handmade with high-grade luxury nappa leather (of course) and complete with detachable long strap (so you can hang it on your pram) these beautiful bags have all the features that mums need. Waterproof bottle holder, key hook and mesh sections that make it super simple to search through.

    Mary and Marie nappy bagsMary and Marie nappy bags

    I’m in love with the La Dolce Vita Bag (below) partly because I have a black and white fetish but also because the two large outside pockets mean you can keep all your usual handbag contents separate to the bub stuff. All Mary & Marie nappy bags come with a removable organiser (above) and prices start at $99. Shipping is free for most orders in Australia and they will get it in the post within two days. Now I’m going to make a confession. I have never actually owned a nappy bag – eek. But I’m about to go and change that right now.

    One for you, One for your Bestie!

    One for you, One for your Bestie!

    Get summer ready with our two for one offer on the Copacabana Beach Tote.

    Use the code COPA2 at the check out.

    Offer ends June 7 2017.

    **Please note that for each Copacabana Beach Tote ordered a free one will also be sent to you.



    Summer Out Fit Inspo!

    White is hot this summer - pair it with solid neutrals and you have an AMAZING summer wardrobe. Our Almost Famous Handbag is the perfect addition to any neutral outfit!

    The M+M Chicks